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Zeevo Kojic Bleaching Cream 100ml

Zeevo Kojic Bleaching Cream 100ml

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ZEEVO KOJIC BLEACH CREAM can be your baby and your friend! 🧡 With all these benefits in 1 tub, 

✨ Rebalances oil on skin
✨ Infused with aging-protection properties
✨ Revitalizes skin from premature dryness
✨ Leaves a healthy and dewy skin
✨ Smoothen and softens skin
✨ Boosts skin’s Collagen level
✨ Dries up pimples/acne faster
✨ Helps eliminate skin blemishes
✨ Can be your Ultimate Bonding Experience (UBE) at home!

#ZEEVO #ZeroBoundaries

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