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888 total white

88 Total White Underarm Whitening cream

88 Total White Underarm Whitening cream

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88 TOTAL WHITE is the 

👉Best for Underarm skincare,
👉Whitens and soften underarms.
👉It does not cause any allergies and irritation while your are using it,
👉not sticky.
👉Perfect for those who have body odor, sweat dark due to friction or hereditary hair removal.

🌸Benefits to be obtained 88 underarm cream
1. Whitens your underarm and to be seen in few days
2. Clears and damages the underarm hairs
3. Lightens the underarm area
4. Reduces the underarm odors
5. Makes good smell
6 Can be used for cracked heels and insects bites
7. Does not clog pores

✅How to use :
👉The best time to use this underarm 88 total white cream soon after your shower as your underarm is cleaned and time to use the cream for best results.

👉What will the cream help?
If you continue to use it for a while, you will start to see the results and you will feel the differences of before and after. However, continuing your cream usages would be great idea of keeping your underarm whitened all times.


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