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VASELINE - GLUTAGLOW Ampoule dry serum deodorant

VASELINE - GLUTAGLOW Ampoule dry serum deodorant

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Vaseline Dry Serum 🇹🇭

serum for underarms deeply nourishes Helps to brighten underarms

with glutathione collagen The serum dries quickly, not sticky, light and comfortable on the skin.

Reduce sweat and deodorant. Protect for 48 hours. There are 4 formulas together.

#Ultra Whitening (Pink)

This formula is suitable for people who want the skin under the arms to be radiant, because it contains glutathione collagen + vitamin B3 that helps manage dark spots, nourish and restore the skin underarms to look brighter than before. The scent is mild, similar to Vaseline's body lotion. After using it, I'm sure the smell is not pungent.

#Bright & Renew (Orange)

I secretly whisper that this recipe is the latest recipe. Suitable for people with dark underarm skin problems accumulated. Because it contains glutathione, collagen + vitamin C & E, the power of concentrated vitamin C & E to help manage dark skin. For armpits to look smooth with aura bright and nourish them to be healthy again, this formula for me smells darker than pink, but not overpowering.

#Bright & Smooth (Purple)

This formula is very suitable for people who like to pluck hair and have problems with ingrown hair, chicken skin because they contain collagen + omega 6 that helps reduce chicken skin problems. tighten pores And helps nourish the skin to be smoother Whoever likes to pluck hair must get it! This formula has a mild scent.

#Bright & Dry (Blue)

This formula is suitable for people who sweat a lot. like to exercise Do a lot of outdoor activities because it contains glutathione, collagen + vitamin E that will help nourish the skin underarms moist. as well as to protect Feel dry and comfortable. Fresh all day, this formula smells the strongest for me, giving you a fresh feeling.

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