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Sereese Beauty

Sereese Beauty - Sun Milk Zero White Cast SPF50 - 50ML

Sereese Beauty - Sun Milk Zero White Cast SPF50 - 50ML

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This new and improved formula of Sereese Beauty Sun Milk will make you fall in love with it even more!

This new and improved formulation contains no paraben, formaldehyde, and other formaldehyde-releasers, non-comedogenic, with zero white cast, and also helps our skin against "techfatigue" and reduces skin disorders from exposure to electromagnetic radiation. 💖💙

Now with active ingredients imported from Spain!

✨ Allantoin
✨ Centella Asiatica
✨ High Purity Marine Collagen
✨ Licorice Root Extract
✨ Niacinamide
✨ Aloe Vera Gel Extract
✨ Glycerine

With benefits such as Anti-Pollution, Anti-Blue Light Technology, Brightening, and is very Soothing to the Skin. 😍

Milk scented that's suitable not just for sensitive skin but also for ALL SKIN TYPES.

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