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Rosmar Kagayaku

Rosmar Kagayaku - 24HRS Rejuvenating Facial kit

Rosmar Kagayaku - 24HRS Rejuvenating Facial kit

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Rosmar 24 Hours Rejuvenating kit!
Yes!! Dalawa ang included na soap. Not your typical rejuv set. 😆

Set Inclusions:
✅ 60 ml Rejuvenating Toner
✅ 10g Rejuv night cream
✅ 10g Brightening Sunscreen
✅ 70g kagayaku whitening Soap
✅ 70g kojic peeling Soap

✔️For teens, Pregnant and Lactating Moms.
✔️ No Stinging and Burning Sensation
✔️ Condensed Milk Scent
✔️ 10x Instant whitening
✔️ Pimples
✔️ Whiteheads and Blackheads
✔️ Melasma
✔️ Acne Scars
✔️ Darkspots and Hyperpigmentation.


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