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ivana skin

Ivana Skin - Bleaching Cloud Soap 70g

Ivana Skin - Bleaching Cloud Soap 70g

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Very soft on the skin, fragrant and super fast result in just 7 days you will see the change in your skin immediately 😍

Formulated with:
✅ Niacinamide - which helps prevent premature skin aging
✅ Kojic Acid - has a whitening effect
✅ Hydrolyzed Collagen - helps brighten skin
✅ Sunflower Oil - Moisturizing. Hydrating. Soothes inflamed skin and even outs skin tone
✅ Papaya Extract - helps to fade discoloration
✅ Tomato Extract - rich in phytoene which helps fight hyperpigmentation
✅ Glutathione & Alpha Arbutin helps whitening dark spots
✅ Licorice Root helps fade the dark spots and has a soothing effect that helps in skin inflammation.

The best rin ipartner sa ating Bleaching Cloud Scrub at Cream. 💜


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