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Detoxi Slim 3in1 Coffee | 10’s / Box

Detoxi Slim 3in1 Coffee | 10’s / Box

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✨New! Detoxi Slim Coffee

❤️❤️❤️Fast Dietary Drink weight Loss Detox High Fiber Burn Fat..💪💪💪
👉🏻High fiber helps to gently exfoliate the skin as a natural extract. No side effects Suitable for women and men. Allows you to slim body pretty tight skin shine. Natural health


Slimming Detoxi Slim

Fiber, Phelium husk, Chomium, CLA

Green Tea Extract, Garlic Extract

Psyllium Husk (Cyan Hugs)

One of the major crops that provide The most high fiber helps drain the fiber.

Green Tea Extract Benefits of Green Tea

1. Green tea helps control weight naturally.

2. Green tea detoxification.

3. Green tea helps fight free radicals.

How to drink

Detox Slim 1 sachet a day before breakfast.

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