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Ahglow Professional

Ahglow Hair Rebonding set 165g/ Single used

Ahglow Hair Rebonding set 165g/ Single used

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Ahglow Hair Rebonding Set

1 Set of AHGLOW Hair Straight Hair Rebonding System with Keratin

No.1- Straightening Cream 165g

No.2 -Neutralizer Cream 165g

The Complete system that Permanently Straightens Wavy, Curly, Frizzy hair the safe, Smooth, Silky, Shiny Way

AHGLOW STRAIGHTENING CREAM: with Keratin is safe, time tested thioglycolate relaxer that softens and smoothens wavy curly or frizzy hair, allowing it to be re-configured into a smooth, silky ,shiny straight shape good for 4-6 months. Now Improved and infused with keratin to nourish the hair, repair damage, and make hair stronger and well-conditioned.

AHGLOW NEUTRALIZER CREAM- contains hydrogen peroxide and is for use with Ahglow Straightening cream (no.1). It neutralizes the action of the "thio" relaxer-Straightener in order to fix or stabilize the straightened shape of the hair making is permanent. Now improved and infused with Keratin to replenish the natural keratin of the hair damaged during the chemical and ironing process. Nourishes the hair, making it stronger and well conditioned.

Instruction manual is included in the box.

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