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adorn by. calmskin

Adorn by. Calmskin- Glow Potion serum salicylic acid -30ML

Adorn by. Calmskin- Glow Potion serum salicylic acid -30ML

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ADORN Glow Potion SERUM 30ML

Say goodbye to dull skin, and welcome the fresh new look of your skin with Adorn Glow Potion Serum!

Our Glow Potion Serum is a multi-purpose skincare serum that targets various skin concerns such as fine lines, uneven skin tone, and acne.

✨ Formulated for blemish-prone skin.
✨ 72 hours hydration.
✨ Anti-aging.
✨ Moisturizing.

Not only does it provide long-lasting hydration for up to 72 hours, but it also helps protect your skin from potential breakouts. The serum's Salicylic Acid content provides gentle exfoliation, promoting a smoother and more even complexion and soothing skin inflammations!

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