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Sereese Beauty

Sereese Beauty- Peel Exfoliating Set

Sereese Beauty- Peel Exfoliating Set

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 Sereese Beauty Peel Exfoliate Set, featuring the powerhouse ingredient Kakadu Plum, the world's highest source of Vitamin C.

Inclusions per set:

PeelExfoliate Bar with Kakadu 135g
PeelExfoliate Toner with Kakadu 60ml
PeelExfoliate Night Cream with Kakadu 10g
Sunscreen SPF50 with Kakadu 10g

1. Cleanse PeelExfoliate Bar with Kakadu
Get a healthy and glowing skin with every wash using Sereese Beauty PeelExfoliate Kojic Bar with Kakadu.

2. Tone PeelExfoliate Toner with Kakadu
Exfoliate and peel off impurities and dead skin cells with Sereese Beauty PeelExfoliate Toner.

3. Protect (Day) Sereese Beauty Sunscreen SPF50
Protect, nourish and hydrate your skin at the same time with Sereese Beauty Sunscreen SPF50

4. Exfoliate(Night) Sereese Beauty PeelExfoliate Cream
Indulge your Skin nightly with the rejuvenating power of Sereese Beauty PeelExfoliate Cream

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