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Myra E 400 iu capsul

Myra E 400 iu capsul

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Myra e 400 IU Capsule 30s

Myra e helps:

- Maintain healthy skin and eyes for youthful glow

- Enhance immune system and boost energy

- Protect against atherosclerosis and cardiovascular disorders

- Improve nerve functions and help prevent onset of neuromuscular degenerative diseases.

With the existing toxins and stressors in our environment, it has become vital to have a trusted anti-oxidant as part of your health routine. Myra 400IU has long been a favorite among those who want a holistic approach to beauty, working from bringing beauty inside out. The Vitamin E or d-Alpha Tocpherol's anti-oxidant in Myra help maintain healthy skin and eyes for that youthful glow.

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