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juju glow

Juju Glow Freshies Avocado milk 10x21g

Juju Glow Freshies Avocado milk 10x21g

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Product Description

Freshies Avocado Milk (Coll@gen Drink) by Juju Glow

10 sachets 

🥑80,000mg of Hydr0lyzed C0ll@gen, Jaoan Glut@thione, L-C@rnitine, and C0enzymes Q10

🥑With Oral Sunblock Technology

🥑No sugar, sweetened by stevia (natural sweetener) 

🥑Boosts collagen for a freshness within

🥑Helps metabolism to achieve a healthy/slimmer body


Discover the many benefits of this delicious superfood. Healthy skin starts with avocados. 

🥑 Get your daily dose of potassium and fiber. 

🥑Avocados are one of the most healthy foods you can eat.

🥑Avocados are good for almost every part of your body. From hair growth to skin and even acne, avocados have it all.


Add FRESHIES to your daily routine to help you achieve that glowing skin.

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