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Speak G Rejuvenating Facial set

Speak G Rejuvenating Facial set

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Our best seller Speak G's Rejuvenating Brightening Set now on its New Packaging‼️ 💯💜

NEW and IMPROVED ‼️‼️‼️

Try our BEST SELLER REJUVENATING BRIGHTENING SET and let your skin speaks for itself! 💯% Authentic. Effective but not expensive.

Speaks G Rejuvenating Set 😍

● Orange Whitening Soap
● Brightening Toner-60ml
● SunBlocker-15grams
● Brightening Cream-15grams


- Effectively removes stubborn pimples and acne
- Ecen out skin tone @ Whiten melasma "pekas" and dark spot
- Control Oily skin
- Removes Skin blemishes due to pimples scars and other pigmentations.
- Exfoliates and removes dead ski cells thus making you youthful and radiant
- Effectively removes warts of any kind
- Minimize pores
- Heal skin discoloration and uneven skin tone

Goodbye Make-up , Hello Flawless skin

Renew ,Restore , Heal! Thats the Speak G.
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