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Misumi Bihaku Wonder Soap 135g

Misumi Bihaku Wonder Soap 135g

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♥️Misumi Bihaku Soap

All these active ingredients in one soap. It can only be THE WONDER SOAP By Bihaku.

Bihaku Wonder Soap 135g.
美白 (BIHAKU) is a Japanese commercial term that refers to beauty products with functions of skin whitening or brightening.

Bihaku Wonder Soap aims to:
💙 Slow down signs of ageing
💙 Stimulates cell regeneration and skin renewal
💙 Deeply nourishes and moisturizes dry skin
💙 Improves Skin elasticity
💙 Anti-bacterial
💙 Anti-acne
💙 Skin Whitening

See the difference in your skin as early as 3 days with Bihaku Wonder Soap.

We are accepting orders and reservation.
For details pm me.

Bihaku soap's Partner:
♥️Bihaku Wonder Bleach♥️

All it takes is 15 minutes everyday and see why you'll love it.
Everyday is Bihaku ❤️ day!
BIHAKU Wonder Bleach
Safe, mild yet delivers visible results in as early as 3 days!
The only cream you can leave on your FACE and BODY OVERNIGHT!

🌹Japan formulated
🌹No messy preparation
🌹Sweet-smelling like a bubble gum
🌹No hydroquinone
🌹No hydrogen peroxide
🌹Contains collagen, glutathione, vitamin E and C, aloe Vera and grape seed oil,jojoba oil,rosehip oil and tea tree oil..which are all good for the skin
🌸Helps dry up pimples and acne because of jojoba oil and Tea tree extract

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